Call for papers for Oral Communication


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The call for papers for Oral Communication in the Oficinárias is open. Each participant can only submit 1 (one) work in only one (1) Oficinária. Check out the list here:


Due to the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and taking into account that the event will be face-to-face, the Organizing Committee monitors the evolution of the world situation in order to be able to inform a new date, in due time.


The Oral Communication proposals are aimed at doctorate PhD, masters and graduate students, as well as graduates, professionals, artists and activists.


The works presented in the Oficinárias may include reports of experiences of activism, artistic and/or professional, academic research or other forms of expression, provided that such proposals are within the theme of the intended Oficinária and are considered relevant by the Oficinárias´ coordinators.


These different forms of presentation meet the conception of the Worlds of Women, to create a welcoming and horizontal dialogue between academia, social movements, arts and others involved. In this sense, the works presented will contribute to the construction of a plural encounter, of dialogue between the different fields of knowledge of the academy, as well as other knowledge and its artistic expressions, among social movements.


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