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Art and culture among its infinite possibilities also have the role of inventing, reflecting on new political and social scenarios, new ways of thinking, narrating, existing, meaning, thinking. The Organizing Committee of the 14th Women’s Worlds Congress invites artivists, art and culture directors in their multiple expressions and languages to share their artistic-cultural productions and interventions committed to the event’s proposal and reflections on the various forms of women’s existence and resistance.



  1. It is understood by artistic and cultural activities works in the areas of literature, music, theater, dance, performance, photography, audiovisual, poetry recitals, storytelling, street art, etc., in formats and dimensions consistent with the physical and technical conditions of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM).

2. The activities will take place cross-cutting during the 14th Women’s Worlds, within UEM facilities, in places to be determined by the Commission.


3. The activities will be free of charge and open to/from the participants of the event (academia, social movements and the general public).


4. Participants in the event or artists, artivists of the cultural scene from all over the world may be registered.


5. The Arts and Culture Committee will be responsible for evaluating and selecting the proposals submitted. The Commission will define specific criteria for the evaluation and selection of papers, based on quality, timeliness, originality, affinity with the theme of the event and feasibility of the proposals.


6. The Commission will offer the participating artists and groups the infrastructure conditions necessary to carry out their work (physical space and light and sound installations).


7. In addition to the open call for registrations, the Commission reserves the right to invite local artists to exhibit their work, if it deems it relevant.

Submission will be made exclusively through the form below.

Participate by sending your proposal!



12 March 2021 to 26 May 2021: Online registration period of the works

30 May to 30 June 2021: Evaluation of the work by the Committee on Arts and Culture.

Until 10 July: Sending the projects evaluated to the Arts and Culture Commission

Until 30 July: Sending acceptances and not accepted mails to proponents of artistic and cultural projects

Until August 30: Dissemination of artistic and cultural projects approved on the website of the 14th Worlds of Women.

Registration period: March 12 to May 26, 2021



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