14th World Women's Congress

THEME: Africans feminisms – Building alternatives for women and the world through a corridor of knowledges that cares and resists


Collective organisation and in dialogue between the academia and national and international social movements – let the process itself be one of learning and dialogue between differences.

Space to encourage the recreation of new organizational forms, new academic values, new relations with the society.

Political process – Women’s Worlds and feminisms in Mozambique: to think about the program and methodology; reflect who we are and what we want to learn in this process, taking the worlds contexts into consideration.


Creation of a wide space of debate, where diverse actors reflect and dialogue about their researches, actions and experiences; where they question and (re)construct paradigms from different perspectives and territories.

The 14th Women´s World Congress will be held at Eduardo Mondlane University main campus, Julius Nyerere Avenue, Maputo – Mozambique

Date: 21 to 24 September 2020


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