The Women´s World Congress is an international interdisciplinary event that gathers women from different areas of the academy and the activism from all over the world. The main aim of the event is to create a wide space of debate where multiple actors from the academy, civil society, activism and the public in general think about and debate about their actions and experiences; question and (re)construct paradigms from varied perspectives.


The first Women’s World’s Congress took place in 1981, in Israel, at the Haifa University, and the last one, the 13th, in Florianópolis, Brasil, Federal University of Santa Catarina, UFSC, simultaneously with the 11st Making Gender International Seminar.


In 2002 the WW Congress took place in the African continent, in Uganda, at Makerere University, with the theme “Gendered Worlds: Gains and Challenges”, and the main keynote speaker was the feminist, researcher and activist Amina Mama





1981IsraelHaifa UniversityThe New Scholarship
1984NetherlandsGronigen UniversityStrategies and Empowerment
1987IrelandTrinity CollegeVisions and Revisions
1990USAHunter CollegeRealities and Choice
1993Costa RicaUniversidade of San JoseSearch, Participation, Change
1996AustraliaUniversidade of AdelaideThink Global – Act Local
1999NorwayUniversidade of TromsoGenderations
2002UgandaMakerere UniversityGendered Worlds: Gains and Challenges
2005KoreaEwha UniversityEmbracing the Earth: East-West North-South
2008SpainComplutense UniversityLa igualdad no es Utopia
2014ÍndiaUniversity of HyderabadGender in a changing world
2017BrasilUniversidade Federal de Santa CatarinaTransformações, conexões, deslocamentos


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