The call for abstracts is open for the exhibition of “Posters”. This space is intended for undergraduate students, high school students and technical-professional education and aims to include students (girls and boys) in the 14th Women’s Worlds Congress.

Abstract proposals should address themes, works, studies and experiences related to feminisms, sexualities, diversities, arts, sport and education and the like.

If the abstract is accepted, the forms of presentation of the Posters will be in various materials, within criteria that will be informed by the Committee. This diversity aims to welcome the largest number of posters, aiming at a welcoming dialogue with young people.

Due to the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and taking into account that the event will be face-to-face, the Organizing Committee monitors the evolution of the world situation in order to be able to inform a new date in due course.

Proposals must be sumitted only on the form below and should contain:


1. Indication of the Title of the Poster (in the original language and in English);
2. Abstract between 300 and 500 words, with spaces, in the original language and in English;
3. Keywords in the original language and in English (between 3 and 5 keywords, separated by semicolons “;”);
4. Languages that can be used for communication: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French (all proposals must have an English version);
5. Each participant may submit only one work and may have up to two co-authorship.


Registration period: March 5to May 26, 2021


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